Went out with Pops and my brother on Stingray Charters. We wanted to study how the charter boys run gear in order to sharpen our game. Fished Sodus West to Pultneyville and back on the 8 hour run. It was a Michigan Stinger program off boards 100’ back. We fished in 6-20 FOW with most strikes coming in 10 FOW or less. Bloody Nose, Wonderbread, Purple Frog, Kevorkian, and Spring Chicken were producers with the fish liking copper backed spoons. Finished the day 25 for 26 with multiple doubles, and one triple resulting in a species tri-fecta, (brown, rainbow, steelhead), unbelievable! I highly recommend Stingray to anyone interested. Capt Ken generously shared info that I know will improve my crews success. Tight lines!